Laser Engraving & Cutting

CPL have the ability to laser engrave or laser cut various plastics.
This is often used to produce high quality and durable labels.

We provide a unique method of printing utilising lasers. Using a laser creates a high-quality permanent marking on plastics.

This enables us to engraved logos and designs add branding or serial numbers to any product.

Also, known as laser etching or cutting.

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Our Products

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Aerospace Kitting Box

The main purpose of the kitting box is to allow the stores area to provide a full kit of components to lineside for assembly. The components are presented in the exact quantity and in an ergonomic manner for the build.

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Vacuum forming for the automotive industry

CPL have many years’ experience of producing vacuum formed trays for the automotive industry. We fully understand the complex logistics loops of the worldwide supply chain. This enables us to ask the right questions at the design stage to come up with the right solution.

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Differential Housing

CPL were invited to quote for the complete transport solution for differential housings being transported from Eastern Europe to the UK. The request was to achieve a target minimum pack density of 48 units for the given pallet size we achieved 60.

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Folding Eurobox

There are numerous stacking euroboxes boxes available and there are also many folding euroboxes available. Our solution combines both.

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Sleeve Packs

Regardless of whether you sell industrial parts/components to B2B clients, send consumer goods to individuals, or are part of a multinational supply chain, having items damaged in transit can have a (significant) detrimental impact on your business success. CPL solutions are proven to minimise this.

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Extended Folding Large Container

The use of plastic injection moulded large folding containers is widespread throughout logistics. The benefits these containers give are, a large internal volume, high pay load and an efficient return size when folded.

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Vacuum Formed Clamshell

CPL worked with an automotive customer to produce packaging for a large hi-value component. The component weight is 175kg. The transit loop was from UK manufacturer to UK logistics hub and UK Assembly plant.

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Fabricated box

CPL worked with a major industrial machine manufacturer to develop a container to hold all of the components that made up their exhaust system.

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Hopper and Chute Boxes

CPL have been working with Novara Trading AG of Wollerau Switzerland to develop a range of containers that dispense small components in a controlled manner.

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Thermoformed products

Our thermo formed products start with design. We have many years’ experience of tool design and with our CAD capabilities, this enables us to effectively and efficiently work with the customer to come up with the best design possible. We are very experienced in selecting the right material to use and quickly establish the optimal gauge to give the lowest cost product that works.

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Sheet Extrusion / Extruded Sheets

At CPL we are in a unique position, in that we manufacture our own high quality sheets of plastic using our own on-site extrusion machinery and technology. Using raw plastic materials in pellet form, and returned plastic that is recycled, to enable a sustainable product (by closing the loop), we can create the exact size, finish, plastic content and colour you require.

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