Customised Packaging Limited offer a wide range of plastic products to the medical industry, plastic is beneficial for the medical industry due to its hygenic properties. 

Did you know? 

Plastic offers many benefits to medical applications and we provide plenty for the medical industry.

  • Sterility
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Increased Comfort
  • Innovative Applications
  • Cost-Effectiveness

When considering plastic for a medical part, reflect on the benefits of plastic products. 

Some of the products we offer for the medical industry are:

  • Foam inserts
  • Vacuum forming packaging 
  • Fabricaticated box and divider sets
  • Euro boxes
  • Bespoke Computer Aided Design (CAD) Service
  • A team of Designers to offer advice and solutions to help you receive the  right specification for you
  • Appropriate tooling to produce packaging to meet your needs with accuracy and quality.

Our services

foam inserts manchester uk plastic manufacturer custom packaging design

Foam insert

Foam insert is a key element to our design, product, and supply capabilities. Our understanding of your requirements and constraints is a strength of our team and the service we provide.

custom plastic packaging uk manufacturer


Here at CPL we take responsibility for the management of all logistical procedures. We provide our own transport for the delivery of our manufactured products. Where the use of our own transport is not appropriate we employ the services of reputable handlers and carriers. We are confident to ensure the safe the efficient delivery of your customised packaging products.



At CPL, we recognise that certain manufacturers of plastic packaging offer only standard product ranges. We fill this gap by identifying the need for individualism. In providing a bespoke design service, we further demonstrate our dedication to you.

butt fusion and manual welding uk plastic manufacturer packaging

Mirror Welding

CPL have the expertise and technology to provide Butt Fusion application, commonly referred to as Mirror Welding. This is superior to hand welding, which we also employ, Butt Fusion performs a more solid, accurate and durable welding procedure.

sheet extrusion uk manufacturer manchester extrusions plastic extrusion

Sheet Extrusion / Extruded Sheets

At CPL we are in a unique position, in that we manufacture our own high quality sheets of plastic using our own on-site extrusion machinery and technology. Using raw plastic materials in pellet form, and returned plastic that is recycled, to enable a sustainable product (by closing the loop), we can create the exact size, finish, plastic content and colour you require.