Foam insert

Foam insert is a key element to our design, product, and supply capabilities. Our understanding of your requirements and constraints is a strength of our team and the service we provide.

Foam Insertion is a key element to our design, product, and supply capabilities. Using Computer-aided Design Technology (CAD/CAM/3D) with three-dimensional solid edge capability we remain as market leaders in this arena.

foam inserts customised packaging uk

Together with our CNC routers and other specialist machinery we are able to create the appropriate program to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved. We have all the appropriate tooling facilities on-site and can fully integrate these procedures to complement our manufacturing capacity.

The router technology can perform cut outs, profiles and shapes making your finished product as specific as you require. These plastic profiles can be fused together using a variety of techniques, including riveting and welding to make sure your needs are fully realised.

Our tooling is of the highest standard and conforms to all regulatory standards.

We have the capabilities to press tools which include using:

  • Taller tools.
  • Atom press (enabling us to press required shapes in thin plastic (<2mm) or foam.)
  • Advanced bespoke Computer Aided Design (CAD) Service.
  • Team of Designers providing the solutions to help meet your specification’s.
  • Best in class tooling enabling precise production for your needs.

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foam inserts customised packaging uk

Aerospace Kitting Box

The main purpose of the kitting box is to allow the stores area to provide a full kit of components to lineside for assembly. The components are presented in the exact quantity and in an ergonomic manner for the build.