At Customised Packaging we offer an end-of-life recycling process for all of our products. Our customers can return their end-of-life materials to us, we will regrind it and use it in our open or closed loop system to become part of a new product. We guarantee that sustainability factors into our manufacturing process. 

end of life recycling return recycling uk plastics

Together with our customers we can prevent landfill waste and produce products that are 100% recyclable. Our end-of-life process offers our customers an alternative solution to recycling their unwanted materials, we are a forward thinking company with sustainability and the environmental impacts at the forefront of our working practices. We have all the appropriate facilities on site to fully regrind your end-of-life materials and can fully integrate these procedures to complement our manufacturing capacity.

By working with our customers we can offer a bespoke recycling opportunity that helps with their environmental challenges. This in turn improves their sustainability and environmental responsibilities. 

For more information regarding our end-of-life recycling process, please fill the form in below, or alternatively, you can contact us on 0161 320 8318 or at info@customisedpackaging.co.uk. 

End-of-life benefits:
  • Providing a sustainable solution
  • Reducing landfill waste and ocean waste
  • Creating recycled products
  • An environmentally friendly option for both us and our customers
  • Helps conserve resources 
  • Promotes a sustainable lifestyle & business 
  • Products are 100% recycled
  • Simple, easy recycling process